I'm Just a 17 year old girl trying to become fit and confident the healthy, strong way. I'm an irish dancer and just joined the dance team at my school, and losing weight can help me improve in both of those areas. One of the main reasons I want to become fit is for my dancing.

I'm really short, so losing weight is going to take a lot longer than it takes other people- us shorties stick together!!
Im using this blog as a tool to keep me motivated and to keep track of my eating life. Lets pull a nike and just do it.
Height: 4'8
Heaviest Weight: 108
Starting Weight: 108

Goal Weight: Its not a number. To become physically fit and mentally strong enough to not let food control my life. To be the best image I can be, and to be the best dancer I can be. I want firm ,fit, capable of things you wouldnt be able, and strong but still want my curves the healthy way. A Summer ready, healthy, fit body. but if i had to write numerical digits: 100 lbs.

~Don't give up. If you quit, the 2 seconds of reliefe from pain is not worth the lifetime of happiness and healthiness you can gain from pushing yourself.~
just do it.

my food tracker can be found by entering /tagged/mytracker in the search bar after my URL

Started this blog: January 2012